It’s a bad year to be a chicken and let that monkey have a beer

Oh boy, chickens better hide, because they are in high demand right now. I mean ever since Chick-fil-a’s persident said they did not support gay marriage, folks have been eating there as if Mcdonalds never existed and KFC sold hamburgers. I eat there because I love their chicken, in fact I love chicken period and I eat chicken lots of places except KFC. I use to eat there but over the years they have become nasty, their stores that is. My feelings are when you walk in a restaurant and it stinks you probably should not eat there. Then there was that story a few years ago about nasty things some employees do at fast food joints and one former employee of KFC said he peed in the mash potatoes. So I don’t eat at KFC any more. But back to Chick-fil-a, it never ceases to amaze me how controversy sells things. Let anything be banned or said to be wrong or bad and people want it like everything. Today as I sat in Chick-fil-a eating, I heard other patrons talking religion like they were in a church not a chicken place. I even saw one woman, who, unless she has changed, is gay, and she was praying before she ate her chicken. Come on people, we got homeless people, crime, sickness and unemployment out the ass, are we going to worry about the views of one chicken place?

Ok let me touch on one funny monkey. See I watched this video today of a monkey drinking a beer and the monkey seemed quite happy, until some wise ass took away its beer. Then the monkey became very angry and began to pitch one more bad fit, think road rage minus the road and the gun. Why the monkey had the beer in the first place is not clear but it is very clear that you should never take a beer away from a monkey. Do they have AAA for monkeys?

Fridays poem:

We’ve Come Along Way Since The Flood

Noah built an ark, God destroyed the earth,

Moses parted the Red sea and still we have

not learned anything. We got a rainbow to

make us feel safe but we have a brain that

we only use 10% of.

Lots of years have passed since the flood,

we have built skyscrapers and technology

that can do almost everything, but when

push comes to shove, we ain’t going to let

any chicken place tell us who we can marry.

love Joy Olree the autistic poet now with MS.

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  1. joyolree joyolree February 25th, 2014 at 4:07 am 1

    well I don’t get to write as often as I want because I feel so tired because of my MS, but come back, I will write when I can joy

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